Comfort Delgro’s profits rise

The newspaper, TODAY, carried this report in its August 14, 2007, issue:

“For the half-year ended June 30, 2007, ComfortDelGro achieved an
8.6-per-cent increase in revenue to about $1.5 billion. Net profit rose
10.5 per cent to $113.9 million.”
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Comfort Delgro is the parent company which runs SBS Transit.

The other public transport operator, SMRT, earlier released its report for the financial year ending March 31:

“The group turned in sterling results for the year ended March 31. Net earnings after tax rose by 31 per cent to $135.8 million – a record since listing in 2000.”
(“SMRT posts record $136m gain”)

Both SMRT and SBS Transit have submitted applications to the Public Transport Council (PTC) to raise fares.

The PTC’s decision will be known next month (Oct). Any increase will also take effect in October.

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