Tony Benn is a former Labour MP and cabinet minister in Britain.

In this BBC film, Tony Benn looks at how the concept of democracy developed and spread across the world over the centuries from its beginnings in Ancient Greece. Particularly considers the impact of extending the vote to more people in 19th century Britain and the state of democracy in 20th century Britain.

“There is never a final victory for democracy. It’s always a struggle – in every generation. And you have to take up the cause time and time and time again. And we also learned that those rights can only be won collectively. But in the attempts to win those rights, many people have been imprisoned and tortured by those who have power and were determined to retain it.”


Tony Benn’s website is here.

Read more about him here.

The other parts of this film can be viewed on the right sidebar of theonlinecitizen – under TOC Video Collection.

*Special thanks to at82 for recommending this video to theonlinecitizen.

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