This excerpt is from Trisha Reloaded’s blog:

I’m not talking about my school environment. I’m talking about the larger society, where the ministerial salary hikes, the political strutting of people puffed up with a sense of their own self-importance, the denigration of other countries and their leaders as ‘ordinary’ and hence not as unique as our own, have invaded my thoughts in the last month. All these self-justification and materialistic reductionism, run counter to the many values I espouse and want to impart to my students.

It really got me thinking. I think my friend is right. We’re living in a nation that’s moving alarmingly towards the worship of mammon and elitism. I think if our young ones grow up thinking it is alright to sacrifice basic virtues for economic reasons, then we’ve lost our soul.

Please visit Trisha’s blog for the full article.

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