Abusing maids – again by theonlinecitizen
It would seem that employers are adopting a new tactic to punish their maids – perhaps avoiding physical abuse like in the past. Is starvation of maids the new method employers are using to punish their domestic helper?

Be mindful of the affective gap by Catharine Lim
The policy on ministerial salaries will, at the least, breed weary resignation in Singaporeans: What’s the use of giving one’s views at all? And, at the worst, give rise to toxic cynicism: What’s the use of teaching our young such values as caring and selflessness and sacrifice if each carries a price tag?

The first tier of the first world: beyond the bottom line by Leong Sze Hian and Choo Zheng Xi
The eroding ideals of egalitarianism are reflected in the ever increasing Gini coefficient, the socio-economic right to have a house over your head is being undermined by increasingly common foreclosures, and the ever increasing ex-offenders’ population may, in a sense, be putting paid to the rhetoric of a ‘kinder, gentler Singapore’.

Ministers’ salary – is the government losing touch? by Leong Sze Hian
Pegging pay to two-thirds of the median income of the top 48 earners in the professions may in a way, be an inherent bias, which may tend to contribute to policies in the future that may continue to widen the income gap.

Why the poor needs help now by Leong Sze Hian
Since the main reason given for raising GST was to help the needy, why not do more to help the needy now, instead of waiting for the GST hike to take effect. After all, civil servants have had their pay increased immediately now, even before the GST increase’s effective date.

Damage control by the prime minister? by theonlinecitizen
Giving the least in our society – those on public assistance – just a measly $290 per month (which is an increase of only $30 per month), compared to a minister’s increment of $33,333 per month, raises the questions of priorities, and the moral standing of the government.

Packed audience at SDP forum by theonlinecitizen
The Singapore Police and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) had earlier rejected the SDP’s application for professional visit passes to be given to its overseas speakers to speak at the forum on the grounds of “public interest”.

Singapore Inc – PE ratio not quite right by Leong Sze Hian
Using the PE ratio may mean that people like George Bush and others from countries with large GDPs, ought to be paid even more than the computations based on the initial rationale of pay as a percentage of 0.13 per cent of total Government expenditure, or 0.022 per cent of GDP

“Live” television debates equal “entertainment”? by theonlinecitizen
How can we be an ‘inclusive society’ when at the most important times when the government is contemplating critical issues affecting the lives of all Singaporeans, that Singaporeans are excluded from such debates?

An extraordinary government? by Zyberzitizen
An “extraordinary” government would see that the reasons contributing to this lack of talents in government goes much deeper and more serious than not paying more than peanuts.

Government should use free software by Koh Choon Lin
Instead of handing the technological machinery of Singapore to small groups of entities and locking Singaporeans into dependent relationships with these groups, the Government should use publicly available and freely licensed software. This is the only way to preserve the independence of the Government from private interests.

Did we make a difference? by theonlinecitizen
By paying themselves such astronomical salaries, Singaporeans have a right to expect the government to solve most – if not all – the problems they face. And to do this by the next elections.

The economics of Singapore’s future’s politics by Celluloid Reality(s)
Singapore has often been equated with Singapore Inc, therefore it is only apt that we as the stakeholders in this state, feel that there is more dividend to be gained by staying with the company. Pragmatism is best served in it’s basic form, with Singapore’s continued prosperity and growth as the overarching goal.

The wisdom of the crowds by Leong Sze Hian
We may need to re-think our mindset to not over-concentrate the smartest like our scholars and the most successful elite, in the decision-making heirachy of our GLCs, otherwise, the silliest of costly blunders not just in money terms, but to Singapore’s reputation and relationships, may happen.

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