Singapore woman loses S$199,996 in deceptive shopping app scam

A 56-year-old woman in Singapore fell prey to an online scam involving a deceptive “shopping app”, losing S$199,996.

After reporting the incident, she was later contacted by an alleged “investigator from Woodlands Police Division”, leading her to discover the impersonation and report the incident again to the authorities.

The Singapore Police Force issued an alert about 134 individuals falling victim to government agency impersonation scams, losing $375,000 collectively between 1 June and 12 July.

Singaporean man lost S$6000 to 2-dollar ‘bak zhang’ scam

Singaporeans urged to be cautious in online transactions as scammers exploit victims with deceptive deals, leading to financial losses.

In a recent incident, a Singaporean fell victim to an online scam when purchasing 2-dollar ‘bak zhang’ (meat dumplings) and subsequently discovered that approximately S$6,000 had been fraudulently withdrawn from his bank account.

Former CarTimes employee allegedly scammed customer of $67,000 and trade-in vehicle, police investigating

A Singaporean private hire driver fell victim to a scam, losing S$67,000 in cash and ownership of her car.

The victim, Polin Ng, shared her experience on Facebook, recounting interactions with a former CarTimes Group salesperson accused of fraud.

Ng made payments but discovered they weren’t received, and her car’s ownership wasn’t transferred to the company. CarTimes Group addressed the situation, stating they did not authorize or condone the salesperson’s alleged actions.

The police confirmed ongoing investigations into the incident.

Singapore Police warns on new phishing scams with fake ScamShield App as bait

The Singapore Police Force has issued a warning about a new phishing scam involving a fraudulent ScamShield App. A victim named Mr. Jiang shared his experience, nearly losing his savings.

After encountering an advertisement for otah on Facebook, he placed an order but was instructed to download an app and make a deposit.

Realizing something was wrong, he tried to delete the app but couldn’t. Later, a scammer posing as a bank staff member convinced him to download a fake ScamShield App, resulting in unauthorized transactions of S$70,000.

The police advise caution and not to download suspicious applications.