Crowdfunding campaign launched for legal fees in labour dispute against SBS Transit; goal set for S$90,000

As permission was granted on 10 June for the lawsuit by bus drivers against SBS Transit to be heard in the High Court, the group of 13 drivers has recently started a crowdfunding campaign to help cover legal fees for the case which has been represented on a pro-bono basis thus far. One of the … Read more

Two female bus passengers taken to hospital after accident involving five vehicles along Compassvale Drive

Two female bus passengers were taken to the hospital after a road accident involving an SBS Transit bus, three cars, and a lorry along Compassvale Drive towards Rivervale Lane on Monday morning (25 Jan). The police were alerted to the accident at 6.58am, as reported by The Straits Times. Both the female bus passengers, aged seven … Read more

Train service delay at NEL due to power fault on 25 Nov

By Failrailsg There was a power fault on NEL last evening (25 November) at around 9pm. SBS Transit only made announcements on the platform. Nothing heard on their SMS broadcast and Twitter account. This occurence was only known after Alternative Media posted on their facebook page. Apparently a train was also stuck at Little India according to a twitter … Read more