Netizens slam PAP’s Shamsul Kamar & pro-PAP FB page for “shameful” disinformation post about woman in PA standee fiasco

One of the most recent public figures to chime in on the People’s Association (PA) Hari Raya standee fiasco is People’s Action Party (PAP) politician Shamsul Kamar who shared a Facebook post on Thursday (17 June) which suggests that communication specialist Sarah Bagharib was a volunteer for the Workers’ Party (WP). Ms Sarah was pulled … Read more

If the Peoples’ Association can’t really represent all people, is it obsolete?

Ever since Ms Sarah Bagharib called the Peoples’ Association (PA) out for using her wedding photographs without her permission in its Hari Raya Aidilfitri display at an HDB estate in Tiong Bahru, it has generated a firestorm of debate. This alongside a number of disturbing videos that have surfaced, depicting blatantly racist behaviour has led … Read more