‘Hypocritical, insincere’ for Malaysia’s government leaders’ praise Michelle Yeoh while persecuting local film producers and actors, says LFL

Malaysian government leaders have been criticized for praising Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar win while simultaneously persecuting local film producers and actors.

Zaid Malek, the Director of Lawyers for Liberty (LFL), called out the government for their hypocrisy and insincerity in celebrating Yeoh’s win while hardworking local film producers and actors are subjected to harassment and criminal investigations over the content of their films.

He pointed out that it is contradictory for government leaders to celebrate Yeoh’s win while local films with LGBT themes are being investigated for “offending sentiments” or “breach of religious sensitivity.”

Malek urged the government to give film producers and artists artistic freedom and halt investigations on those involved in local films such as ‘Mentega Terbang’ to promote the growth of the local industry.

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