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Living in post-GE2011 Aljunied GRC

By Farid Mydin Being the hot blooded youth during the past 2 elections, I was angsty and full of revolutionary thoughts. This was also partly because I was in my twenties and fresh into my job. The usual frustrations that everyone was talking about was on my mind and like everyone else, I was angered by the audacity of the …

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PAP vs WP – Political blindspots and a credible opposition

By Ghui It has been four years since seven elected opposition MPs from the Workers’ Party claimed victory in GE 2011. Opposition party supporters celebrated this high point in the political landscape in Singapore and much was made of this milestone. The backdrop against the 2011 election results was bubbling discontent within the populace at rising house prices and growing …

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No need to vote tactically, says Vivian Balakrishnan

What we are trying to tell our people is that in future, you don’t need to vote tactically. We will guarantee a diversity of views in this House, but focus on choosing candidates who can form a government, focus on choosing someone who will run your town council, look after your homes … keep it safe, keep it clean, keep …

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