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DPM’s promise for a clean campaign broken: PAP Smear in full swing

On Nomination day, DPM Tharman and Dr Paul Tambyah were spotted chatting and shaking hands. In an interview with TOC, Dr Paul revealed that during the conversation, the DPM gave him his word to have a clean campaign. Just over three days since that conversation, that promise seems to have been broken. To his credit, it wasn’t him but his …

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PAP vs SDP: The incumbent’s weakest link

By Howard Lee Ever since it kick-started its general election campaign in January this year, the Singapore Democratic Party has made it a point to pack its calendar with something every month. As a publicity campaign, it has surely drawn a lot of attention, but also the negative kind from the ruling People’s Action Party. The name-calling and character assassination …

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The poor in Singapore are on a train to Greece

By Kumaran Pillai There was a public outrage when a man who couldn’t manage the YOG budget cast doubt on the Singapore Democratic Party’s economic plan. That man was none other the PAP candidate helming Holland-Buikit Timah GRC, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. His poignant remarks that SDP would lead Singapore on the path of bankruptcy rang a little hollow. Greece is …

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SDP : PAP wobbles on its stance on CPF Minimum Sum

  Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has commented that the government’s recent announcement to be more flexible on the Central Provident Funds (CPF) is in response to the growing resentment towards the national retirement saving . The government has recently stated that it is willing to be more flexible on allowing a different Minimum Sum for different groups of people in its on-going review on …

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Dr Chee rebuts on pandering to the editorial tastes of the Western media

Secretary General of Singapore Democratic Party, Dr Chee Soon Juan rebuts Singapore’s government reply on his article on Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and remarked that it is unfair to say that he pander to the editorial taste of the Western media. In his op-ed on WSJ, “A New Vision for Singapore“, Dr Chee wrote that it is shameful that the state where …

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Chee Soon Juan to speak in Hong Kong on inequality and freedom

Dr Chee Soon Juan, secretary-general of the Singapore Democratic Party, will be speaking at a conference in Hong Kong titled “Promoting Growth, Reducing Inequality” from 6-8 November 2014. The event will discuss the interplay between liberalism, growth and inequality. Delegates from research institutes, think tanks, political parties, and the business community will convene to consider how the liberal economy relates …

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