Elderly residents frustrated as “residents’ corner” in a HDB block under Patrick Tay’s constituency remains unfinished for over two years

Residents of HDB Block 639 in Jurong West Street 61 have been waiting for over two years for the completion of a “residents’ corner” on the ground floor.

The area was supposed to be a place for elderly residents to sit and chat, but due to the suspension of work, the stone chairs and tables have been left exposed, and soil from the construction site is causing the ground to become dirty during the rainy season.

The West Coast Town Council (WCTC) expressed apologies for the inconvenience caused to residents and attributed the delay to the contractor’s cash flow difficulties during the pandemic.

PSP poster in Pioneer SMC moved to make way for PAP poster

Late last night (30 June), Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP’s) Lu Kee Hong shared on Facebook that the posters for the party’s Pioneer SMC candidate, Lim Cher Hong were moved. Mr Lu explained that the party set out to start putting up posters in the constituency after 1pm on Tuesday following Mr Lim’s successful nomination. The … Read more