Singaporeans on the passing of Ngiam Tong Dow: A civil servant who “spoke the truth”

With the passing of former top civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow, Singaporeans are mourning for his death on social media. In the mainstream media’s comment section, people could be seen reminiscing the words from the late Mr Ngiam as a leader in developing policies in the country. Facebook user Jeffrey Tan expressed that Singapore had … Read more

"I suspect we have started to believe our own propaganda."

An interview with Mr Ngiam Tong Dow, former head of the civil service, in 2003. (First published on Straits Times) Q. With all this pessimism surrounding Singapore’s prospects today, what’s your personal prognosis? Will Singapore survive Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew? A. Unequivocally yes, Singapore will survive SM Lee but provided he leaves the right … Read more