Open letter to Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen from parent of a pre-enlistee with medical condition which can result in sudden death

by Santhi Krishnasamy Dear Defence Minister, Dr Ng Eng Hen My son has a heart scan on 5 April 2021. It is likely that he would be diagnosed with a genetic medical condition which can result in sudden death. The Ministry of Defence’s (MINDEF) policy is to declare such men fit for enlistment under the … Read more

Barely any compensation for spinal injury of NS serviceman during ICT; No avenue for redress due to Section 14 of Government Proceedings Act

On Friday (5 February), a redditor on r/Singapore shared screenshots of the acknowledgments in the thesis of New Zealand-based Singaporean Dr Soh Kian Wee in which the latter touched on the challenges his faced during his time with the Singapore Armed Forced (SAF) in 2015 when the SAF “maliciously revoked” his orthopaedic specialists’ medical certificate … Read more

Singapore should not allow despair to prevail and celebrate NDP despite the difficulties, says Minister Ng Eng Hen

The National Day Parade (NDP) Funpack which each costs around $2.40 will be produced for 80 per cent of households by taking into account those who said that they do not need a funpack, said Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen in Parliament on Friday (5 June). Based on the prior experience, this would be “adequate”, … Read more

English course for PLA officer was not the cheapest bid

By Terry Xu Non-Constituency Member of Parliament, Lina Chiam, asked the Minister of Defence in Parliament on 5th November 2014 about the tender amount awarded to the education provider for the English course for one officer from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and under what circumstances was the tender awarded. Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen … Read more

“It was an internal document,” says Education Minister, on Aware’s instructor’s guide

It was an internal document…internal documents are internal documents. If you don’t show them to MOE, we will not know about them. Education Minister Ng Eng Hen, when asked if his ministry was caught by surprise by the content of the instructor’s guide for the Aware programme – which, among other things, declared homosexuality as … Read more