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Officers can’t recognise man they arrested in Little India

“I’m not able to recognise the accused now, as my encounter with him then was brief.” Those were the words of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), N. Subramaniam, in court on Tuesday at the trial of construction worker, Mahalingam Thavamani, 27. Mr Mahalingam, who was originally charged for rioting, had this downgraded to obstruction of a public servant. Mr Mahalingam …

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In Court Today – Little India Riot case: Daily Renewal of S-Pass

In Court Today – Little India Riot case: M Ravi, representing Mr Arun Kaliamurthy – who is being charged for involvement in the Little India riot – informed the court today that he shall be filing an application for judicial review with regards to the question of unequal treatment and the nature of the conditions imposed on his client. The …

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Government blames alcoholic foreigners for the riots

By Gordon Lee It has been a week since the riots in Little India rocked Singapore. And the actions of the Government have been carefully planned in order to keep up appearances of Singapore being an orderly and peaceful country which is different from the “decadent West”. After all, it is politically convenient all these whilst for the people to …

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One Little Riot Opens Pandora’s Box to Many Big Issues

By Jentrified Citizen So much has been said about the Little India riot with blame implied by our Govt and unsubtly pinned on the supposed drunken fury of the workers. At this stage, the causes of the riot have not been officially defined nor has it been proven that the rioting was due to drunken states. Yes, the workers were wrong to have …

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The love-hate relationship

1:45am:  Online postings are up ferociously and they are all about the riots at Racecourse Road in Little India. Sometimes I do wonder who the rioters are and why are they here in Singapore. Much is being said on the trouble which they have caused, and questions raised, such as: , should the government have allowed these workers here in …

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SPF comments on riot at Little India

Police Statement made on Singapore Police Force’s facebook page at 1 am, 9th December 2013 (link) On 8 Dec at 2123 hrs, a fatal traffic accident occurred between a private bus and a person at the junction of Race Course Road and Hampshire Road. Shortly after, a riot broke out involving a crowd of about 400 subjects where the subjects …

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