Lee Kuan Yew, hysteria and the degradation of public discourse

By Simon Vincent I woke up one day to find myself transformed in my bed into an ungrateful Singaporean. Perhaps this is not quite as terrifying as Gregor Samsa’s rude awakening, but during the seven-day mourning of Lee Kuan Yew, I could not help but feel an almost Kafkaesque struggle against a surreal environment which … Read more

DPP’s final tribute to LKY

A Final Tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, from the Democratic Progressive Party of Singapore. A man of passion, a man of pain, Who gave his life, for us to gain. A man of belief, a man of blood, Who stood against history, and fought the flood. The flood of odds, that we would live, … Read more

Straits Times publishing Alfian Sa’at posts on LKY: “Because it’s newsy”

By Carlton Tan On Friday, The Straits Times published an article, titled “Playwright Alfian Sa’at questions LKY legacy”. In it, their arts correspondent put together several of Alfian Sa’at’s posts and comments on Facebook, one of which was written in Malay, and referred to an article that he wrote for an online journal. This includes … Read more