Dr Lee refers her brother as a "dishonorable son" and accuses him of abusing power to 'build a dynasty'

From a scintillating revelation of e-mail exchanges between Dr Lee Wei Ling, daughter of  the late Lee Kuan Yew and Ivan Frenandaz, an editor from the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), it does seem that Dr Lee had less than pleasant things to say about not only SPH, but her own brother, PM Lee Hsien Loong, too. Dr … Read more

Voices from Hong Lim Park on Amos Yee

The following were the views expressed by some among the hundreds who attended the protest at Hong Lim Park to call for the release of Amos Yee. The protest was organised by the Community Action Network (CAN), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Singapore concerned about freedom of expression, and civil and political rights. We thank … Read more

Gallup Poll: If 1962 referendum was Yes-No vote, 90% would have voted against merger.

“I didn’t realise that Singaporeans voted for merger with Malaysia in 1963 simply because all three choices available in the referendum were for merger, just in different ways. And that Singapore was booted out of Malaysia because, among other things, the PAP reneged on its promise not to contest the elections in Malaysia.” – Bertha … Read more

Revisiting Lee Kuan Yew and PAP in our early years

By Andrew Situ Lee Kuan Yew was a founding member and inaugural secretary-general of the People’s Action Party, the dominant political party in Singapore whose steel grip on power has often been scrutinised by various media outlets. He became the Prime Minister of Singapore in 1959 following the PAP’s landslide victory at the general elections. … Read more