Under-performing MPs and those with questionable values to exist because of the coat-tail system via GRCs?

It seems pretty bizarre to apparently unleash attacks on an opposition party member of parliament (MP) for his support of a playwright as election fever heats up. Surely, there are better things to criticise a fellow MP for? However, that is exactly what Peoples’ Action Party (PAP) MP for Jurong Group Representative Constituency (GRC), Tan … Read more

GRCs punish you. It’s time to turn the tables in GE2015

By Anyhow Hantam I had originally wanted to offer my 2 cents on the electoral boundary changes, however many have already voiced what I wanted to say and moreover I promised brevity for this election season. Accordingly I’ll leave it at that and focus instead on 1 aspect/result of the new electoral boundaries – Group Representation … Read more