Overseas Singaporeans call for Government to explore alternatives to increase their voting accessibility

Holding an election in the middle of a global pandemic has emphasized a great need for the Government to explore alternative options in facilitating the ease of voting for Singaporeans who are living abroad, prompting some citizens to issue an open letter to the Government with regards to the voting issues. The letter – which … Read more

SDP calls for independent inquiry following irregularities on Polling Day which prevented a woman from voting

In a media release earlier today (16 July), Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chairman Paul Tambyah called for an independent inquiry into the conduct of the General Election (GE) with a particular focus on issues such as the use of “tendered ballot slips” which apparently were not counted in GE2020. “This inquiry should be reviewed by … Read more

S’porean woman waited for hours to cast her vote after initially being mishap labelled as “unregistered” by ELD’s system

A Singaporean woman named Chandri had reported on a mishap that occurred on Polling Day last Friday (10 July). She shared her experience with TOC, hoping to publicise the story to all Singaporeans as well as to avoid similar issues from happening in the future. According to her, she went to the polling station with … Read more

Why were voting arrangements not made for COVID-19 patients and quarantined citizens amidst pandemic election?

A citizen asked the Elections Department (ELD) why special safety arrangements were not made for COVID-19 patients and Singaporeans on quarantine while these arrangements were set in place for those on stay-home notices (SHN).  Posting on his Facebook page, Jerry Soong Wei Jie shared screenshots where he emailed the ELD on 2 July questioning the … Read more

Voter files police report after she was unable to vote due to computer system showing she had already voted

A woman has filed a police report due to complications on Polling Day in which she was unable to vote because the computer scanning system showed that she had already voted. The woman received a “blue ballot paper” to vote after she reported to the election officials about the issue. However, she later found out … Read more

ELD says it will review Polling Day issues – ownself check ownself?

The Elections Department (ELD) will be conducting thorough review of the issues during Polling Day on 10 July which slowed down the voting process. In a statement on Monday (13 July), the ELD apologised for the incontinence to voters, especially the elderly, acknowledging that the measures it had implemented to ensure the safety of voters, … Read more

Scripts for E-rally: Why is ELD sticking to “standards” in a non “standard” time?

The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) has raised concerns about a requirement to submit scripts ahead of televised political broadcasts. Organising secretary for the PSP and election candidate for the PSP in Tanjong Pagar Group Representative Constituency (GRC), Michael Chua, has said that the PSP finds it “disturbing” to have to submit its speeches 48 hours … Read more