Man in India now says it could all be “coincidental” that SG national song and his version are similar

In the ongoing copyright saga of ‘Count on Me Singapore’, Joseph Mendoza, accused of copying the Singapore national song, is now saying that it could all be “coincidental” but continues to maintain that he wrote the Indian version of the song in 1983, three years before the Singapore’s version was released in 1986. According to … Read more

MCCY asks Joey Mendoza to substantiate his claim that “We Can Achieve” was written before “Count on Me, Singapore”

On Thursday (18 March), the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth invited Mr Joey Mendoza to substantiate his claims that he wrote the song “We Can Achieve” in 1983, before “Count on Me, Singapore” was created in 1986. In its Facebook post, MCCY said: “Given that the two songs, and their lyrics, are practically identical, … Read more