Salon entities finally warned for long-standing false claims and pressure sales tactics spanning 2017-2022

Singapore’s Competition and Consumer Commission (CCCS) has warned Salon One Beauty Salon Pte. Ltd. for falsely advertising treatments that could prevent brain diseases, and pressuring customers with persistent sales tactics.

Over 130 complaints against the salon have been received since 2017, highlighting unfair practices, such as non-existent price discounts and misleading promotion durations.

While the CASE president himself revealed that there are 1,400 complaints against businesses in the beauty industry in 2022, this also revealed the stark hard truth that neither CASE nor CCCS has done enough to protect Singaporean consumer right, as unfair practices still persisted in the industry.

Criticism mounts as CASE’s ineffectiveness shown again in the closure of UFC Gym Singapore

Members of UFC Gym Singapore were taken by surprise when Anytime Fitness took over the CityLink Mall space, despite being informed that the gym would temporarily close for renovation.

The sudden closure led members to file police reports and complaints with the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE).

The association has advised affected consumers to file claims at the Small Claims Tribunals.

This incident has sparked concerns about the lack of regulation in the fitness industry and the need for stricter rules to protect consumers from prepaid membership losses.

CASE has faced criticism for its perceived inaction in addressing recurring issues of sudden closures and prepayment losses.

Tokyo Bust Express to cease false claims about its treatments and products, stop pressure sales tactics: CCCS

Tokyo Bust Express has given an undertaking that it will cease false claims and stop pressure sales tactics, after investigation revealed that it made “false and unsubstantiated representations” that misled customers about its treatments and products, said the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) on Friday (25 June). Based on its Instagram page, Tokyo … Read more