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Officers can’t recognise man they arrested in Little India

“I’m not able to recognise the accused now, as my encounter with him then was brief.” Those were the words of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), N. Subramaniam, in court on Tuesday at the trial of construction worker, Mahalingam Thavamani, 27. Mr Mahalingam, who was originally charged for rioting, had this downgraded to obstruction of a public servant. Mr Mahalingam …

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You made the problem worse: COI to ground commander

By Andrew Loh It was undoubtedly the most adversarial session the Committee of Inquiry (COI) has had since it started its hearings last Wednesday into the Little India riot. On the stand for four hours on Tuesday, 4 March, was Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) of Police, Lu Yeow Lim, the ground commander of police forces on 8 December 2013 as …

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More police resources could have prevented escalation of violence

By Terry Xu / Andrew Loh Lt Tiffany Neo of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was on her 24-hour shift at the Central Fire Station on 8 December 2013 when she was informed of the traffic accident that had taken place in Little India. Upon receiving the dispatch order at 9.25pm, her team of five raced to the scene …

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Rioters’ intent was not to “kill us”: police officer

By Andrew Loh When rescuers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived at the scene in Little India, what they saw were an angry crowd and foreign nationals pelting the bus with whatever they could find. Still, the SCDF officers had a job to do – to extricate Indian national, Sakthivel Kumaravelu, from under the wheels of the bus …

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The officer who wanted to instil law and order

By Terry Xu The Committee of Inquiry (COI) listened intently to Traffic Police Officer, Fadli Shaifuddin Mohamed Sani, on how he charged at the rioters, not once but three times during the riot in Little India last December. A police officer for three and a half years, Sgt Fadli was on his normal shift on 8th Dec 2013 when he …

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