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Hong Kong police denies allegations of collusion with triad following delayed response to violence on Sunday

Hong Kong Police chief admits that officers arrived 35 minutes late after receiving the first report of attack on protesters by triad members at Yuen Long railway station. However, he denied allegations of collusion between the police and triad members over the violence. On Monday (22 July), Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo Wai-chung said that the force’s capacity had been …

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Two pro-independence law maker disqualified by High Court of Hong Kong

Baggio Leung and Yau Wai-ching were disqualified as legislators by The High Court in Hong Kong on Tuesday (15 November) after they deliberately misread their swearing-in oaths last October. The two pledged allegiance to the “Hong Kong nation”. They also displayed a “Hong Kong is not China” banner and used an old-fashioned derogatory Japanese term for China during a swearing-in ceremony …

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Call for Discourse on IP and Artistic Practices

By members of the art community We refer to the incident in which a horse shoe-shaped ping-pong table installed at the Sports Hub for the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games carnival resembled the art work “Ping-Pong Go Round” by Cultural Medallion winner Lee Wen. Lee has stated he was not informed or given credit for the idea. The SEA Games Organising …

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