Rysense declares being established by MCI as not-for-profit company; HappyDot.sg continues to hide its “ultimate owner”

Rysense Ltd, previously unmasked as the sole proprietor of online survey community HappyDot.sg, has recently updated its website stating that it was set up by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) as a not-for-profit company. The company came under the spotlight last year after it was found to be the parent company behind HappyDot.sg, … Read more

“Who will police the police?”: Singaporean who allegedly suffered abuse at Cantonment Police Station seeks answers

Update 30/6: Public statement by man allegedly abused by police officers, in response to SPF’s Facebook statement A man who was allegedly abused by police officers at Cantonment Police Station in February last year despite passing his breathalyser test recently came forward with his experience, following unsuccessful attempts to seek an explanation from the police … Read more

Supposed-private research company employs significant number of former workers from govt-linked entities

It appears that Rysense Ltd is not only headed by five senior civil servants as its directors, the research company had also employed former workers of government-linked entities to work in different departments. In an earlier report, TOC revealed that the online survey community HappyDot.sg is actually owned by Rysense Ltd, a Public Company Limited … Read more

Rysense earns profit from MCI-commissioned surveys, but how will these earnings be declared?

TOC’s earlier investigation on HappyDot.sg has led to the discovery of a “supposed-government company”, Rysense Ltd, which happens to be the sole proprietor of the online survey community. What claims to be “a channel for Singapore residents to voice their opinions on real issues that impact Singapore”, as HappyDot.sg had stated on its website, turns … Read more

On HappyDot.sg: Is the Govt astroturfing by labelling its own survey company as third party company?

In an earlier article, TOC revealed that HappyDot.sg, which calls itself “an online survey community for Singapore residents“, is actually owned by an entity called Rysense Ltd. Rysense is a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) rather than a Private Limited Company. This is unusual, because the CLG structure is normally only used by non-profit organisations … Read more

Supposed Govt company hides behind Pte Ltd entity to conduct survey on ex-CAG chairman Liew Mun Leong incident

A survey seeking to gather people’s views on the case of Parti Liyani was sent out by HappyDot.sg via an email recently, according to a TOC correspondent on Thursday (5 November). For those who may be unaware of the case, Ms Parti is an Indonesian former domestic worker who was employed with ex-Changi Airport Group … Read more

Singaporean denies receiving assistance from MFA after being transferred to Malaysian police and detained for four months

Last week (4 February), Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan said in Parliament that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will extend consular assistance to Singaporeans detained or arrested abroad, and help ensure that they are accorded due process under the local laws. When asked by Worker’s Party MP Leon Perera whether the MFA will extend consular request … Read more

S’porean man seeks explanation on his arrest, subsequent extradition to M’sia over non-existing murder charge

A 50-year-old Singaporean man is seeking an explanation from the Republic’s authorities regarding his arrest by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) — and his subsequent extradition by the Malaysian Police — on 21 Mar 2015 over a charge made against him for a murder that took place in Penang Island. Mohan Rajangam, in a recent interview … Read more

45 members expelled by Co-op over for holding no-confidence EOGM, Registar from MCCY aware of circumstances but sides with “illegal” management committee.

45 members were expelled in June this year after an “Emergency General Meeting” EOGM called by 68 members was held on May 18 to remove the Board of Directors of the TRC Multi-Purpose CooperativeSociety Ltd (“Co-op). Only the 45 who voted were expelled but the remaining few who left the meeting earlier were not affected. This … Read more