AGO found groceries meant for distribution to needy residents went missing in grassroots organization

The Auditor-General Office (AGO) released its auditing report on government ministries and statutory boards for the Financial Year 2017/18 today (17 Jul). In its report, AGO pointed out that groceries purchased for needy residents by some grassroots organizations (GROs) were not in accordance with the stipulated contracts and that some of the groceries even went missing. People’s Association (PA) is …

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The Government sending out confused and contradictory messages

Honestly, it is like the government does not have a clue of what it actually wants to achieve. Of course I am sure that that is not the intention but I am not altogether convinced that they understand the mixed and confused signals they are sending out. Either that or none of the government departments talk to each other and …

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Ho Kwan Ping warns people not to draw wrong lessons from events across the Causeway

Executive Chairman and co-founder of Banyan Tree Limited Holdings, Mr Ho Kwon Ping warned that it would be a “foolish mistake” for Singaporeans to heed Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s suggestion that Singaporeans “must be tired of their government”.   Speaking at the OCBC Global Treasury Economic and Business Forum on “Singapore Politics and Business in an Age of …

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AGC filing for an order of committal for Jolovan Wham is a massive overreaction

It would appear that the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) has filed for an order of committal against activist Jolovan Wham for contempt of court. Personally, I think that is a massive overreaction given that I don’t really think that his comments constituted contempt in the first place. Wouldn’t a public apology suffice if the courts really felt that aggrieved? Why …

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What happens when politics becomes a stepping stone to riches?

by Augustine Low Singapore stands alone on the global stage as a country which rewards its politicians and top civil servants so handsomely that it becomes a stepping stone to riches. If money could buy passion and commitment and proficiency, wouldn’t every country on earth follow the Singapore model? The hard truth is that money alone cannot be a substitute …

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As Lawrence Wong tries to implement cooling measures on coffeeshops, Low Thia Khiang already sounded warning horns a decade ago

Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong revealed on Wednesday (11 Jul) that the Housing and Development Board (HDB) will evaluate bids for coffee shops on factors beyond the tender price. Such factors would include things like the business proposals, productivity and operating processes. The 4G Minister was responding to MP for Nee Soon Lee Bee Wah who asked if the current tender …

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