Trump Kim Summit – Singapore, a schoolboy trying to play a man’s game?

I am all for Singapore hosting international events of historic significance. It boosts our global reputation as a first world country that people want to visit and invest in. That said, the hosting of such events must promote the prestige of Singapore. It has to be professional and we have to come across polished and experienced, ready to stand in …

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Dr M meets PM Lee for only 30 min but gives Jack Ma an hour

When the opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan won the general election in Malaysia on 9 May last month, PM Lee quickly went to KL on 19 May to meet and congratulate Dr Mahathir, the leader of the coalition. However, Dr Mahathir only met him for half an hour. According to Yahoo news, PM Lee was seen entering the Perdana Leadership Foundation …

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PM Lee: SG political scene is what Singaporeans have voted for

Yesterday (11 Jun), CNN interviewed PM Lee asking for his views on the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore. "He (Kim) is a confident, young leader... I think he wants to go on to a new path. What he is prepared to deal, and how the agreement can be worked out – well that is a complicated matter. I think he has …

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EIU analyst on NK-US summit in Singapore: “Indirect benefits, both for the government and businesses, will eventually be significantly higher than the costs”

Speaking to the media on Sunday (10 June), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong confirmed that Singapore will spend about S$20 million on the summit where American President Donald Trump will meet with North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un on Tuesday (12 June). On the amount spent, PM Lee said: "We are willing to pay and its our contribution to an international …

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PH coalition ends discriminatory policies against political opponents, PAP continues to dangle carrots in exchange for electoral support

Malaysiakini reported on Thursday (7 Jun) that the new administration will give an equal allocation of federal funds to individual states, regardless of their political affiliation. One such example is the state of Terengganu, which is controlled by the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) who is neither aligned with the former Basian Nasional (BN) coalition nor the present Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition. Since 2000, …

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