The heart of society

I’ve been hearing this question lately. From my mom, my friends, colleagues and even strangers whom I happen to meet. “What exactly are we striving for, working so hard for?” “Everything that we do or earn is just to pay our bills”, my mom said. “This is life”, replied my friend, “you want to afford the things in your life …

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Review – The politics of Singapore’s new media in 2006

by Gerald Giam The year 2006 was a landmark year for the new media and citizen journalism in Singapore. The government’s “light touch” approach to regulating the Internet was probably one of the factors that emboldened many Singaporeans to step up and push the political boundaries through their blogs, podcasts (online sound clips) and vodcasts (online video clips). There were …

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Jurong Island Theft: 100kg of Jet fuel additive stolen.

By Bernard I was shocked to see this piece of news in The New Paper and in TODAY (29th December 2006). It is reported that thieves had made off with 100kg of Stadis 450, a jet fuel additive. Stadis 450 is classified as a flammable liquid and hazardous material. The New paper understands that the jet fuel additive was left …

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Landmark decision for ‘free speech’

    This article is taken from the BBC. A judgement in Britain’s highest court has been hailed as a “landmark decision on free speech” and a major boost for investigative journalism in this country. Lawyers say the ruling brings English libel law more into line with that in the United States, where the media have traditionally had greater freedom …

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