Helping S’poreans save on electricity bills?

Singapore Power made profits of $1.086 billion in FY2007/2008, which is a per annum increase of 15 per cent. Despite this, in the last quarter of 2009, electricity tariffs for household was raised by 12.5 per cent. And now, in April 2010, it is being raised again.

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HDB Annual Report : Deficit has doubled – really?

By Leong Sze hian According to the Housing Development Board’s annual report, the deficit for FY2008/2009 has almost doubled to $2.12 billion from $1.08 billion in FY2007/2008 – due mainly to an increase in Expenditure from $4.25 billion in FY2007/2008 to $5.23 billion in FY2008/2009. I am puzzled by the Income Breakdown chart and table on page 4 of the financial …

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