PAP should select its next leader by an open vote within its party.

Recent reports have emphasised the leadership selection that is soon going to take place within the Peoples' Action Party (PAP). Given that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (PM Lee) has announced that he will be stepping down within the next few years, Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam has indicated that a new Prime Ministerial candidate will be named before …

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Singapore PM earned 70% of US President’s pay in 1985 but now it’s 500% more

During a Parliamentary budget debate in Mar 1985, then opposition Member of Parliament JB Jeyaretnam revealed that the salary of Singapore Prime Minister already exceeded that of first world countries like UK and New Zealand. Mr Jeyaretnam: Mr Speaker, Sir, the Prime Minister keeps talking about, "Let's have a sense of proportion." This is what I am trying to urge …

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Just as we don’t agree with Thum being singled out, we should not by the same vein, single Pritam Singh out. 

The particular political landscape in Singapore has seen us (whether rightly or wrongly) impose higher standards on our opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) than those from the incumbent Peoples' Action Party (PAP). While unfair, this standard is hardly surprising. For those who have voted for the opposition, they do implicitly feel that they have put their neck on the line …

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We should not pay for foreign scholars education in Singapore

by CT I am currently a Year 6 student studying in one of the top class in Raffles Junior College. In my class, almost everyone is considered "gifted" by our Singapore education system. Many of my classmates represent Singapore in International Olympiads and Research Competitions and are top scorers of Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). Sadly, almost half of my …

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“Activism does not go against Lasallian values; it is central to it”: St Joseph Institution alumni

In a submission to TOC, an alumnus of St Joseph Institution (SJI) has expressed his disappointment towards the anti-activism stance held by the current heads of his alma mater, and their subsequent silence regarding the matter. The alumnus wrote that "many alumni of the school were in shock, and there have been intense debates on closed Facebook groups" regarding Vice-Principal …

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Is the Workers’ Party still correctly feeling the pulse of the people?

In 2011, the Workers’ Party spectacularly captured a Group Representation Constituency, ousting a People’s Action Party team helmed by two ministers and a senior minister of state. But four years later, it only won by a whisker against the weakest GRC team ever fielded by the PAP. Currently, the WP also has a court case hanging over its head like …

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