What is the majority view on 377A in Singapore?

by ZeeDee Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam has said on 8 Sept 2018, that “the majority are opposed to any change to section 377A, they are opposed to removing it.” But is there really a majority that are opposed to repealing 377A? A 2014 survey conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies(IPS) found that 78.2% of respondents found that …

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Before the next GE, you have to ask if your MPs served you well

by Judy Tan I refer to Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong’s clarification that he does not receive a salary despite holding the “Emeritus” title and that he still “quietly” works for the benefit of our country “without getting in the way of the younger leaders”. While I welcome ESM Goh’s remarks, I can’t help but notice the inconsistency in …

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Irregularities cited in “Keep 377A” petition signees by reader, asks what Govt is doing to protect SG’s secular democracy from religious groups

In a submission to TOC, a reader has raised his concerns regarding the dubiousness of a particular petition that calls for the retention of Section 377A in the Penal Code – a piece of legislation that criminalises sexual relations between two male adults – which has been a hotly debated subject of late. The reader raised several “serious issues” regarding “this …

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HDB upgrading and redevelopment – an act of inequality

by Liew Yeng Chee Referring to the ST report (5 Sept 2018), ‘Wrong to say buyers don’t own flats: Lawrence Wong‘, I agree with the minister to debate this issue based on facts. One thing I would like to bring out is the fact that though there’s a chance for an HDB flat to be redeveloped under the SERS or the …

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Electricity price fixing by the Generation Companies?

by Jasmine Cheng The electricity and water prices are major concerns for Singaporeans. Did anyone notice it kept going up? We need to understand how electricity is priced to know why it goes up. The Government has liberalized the Singapore Electricity Market with intention of letting the market forces to determine the proper pricing for electricity. In theory, it makes …

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We refer to MP Seah Kian Peng’s Facebook post dated 1 September 2018. In it, Mr Seah makes a series of misleading statements about several Singaporeans and the Singapore Democratic Party. Despite repeated reminders from concerned citizens, he has neither amended nor taken down his post. On social media, comments related to Mr Seah’s views have become increasingly inflammatory and …

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