Retired ST journalist: Do not stoop so low to amend Constitution out of fear

Mr Ismail Kassim, a retired senior political correspondent from Straits Times,has written a note on Facebook addressed to the Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong about the proposed amendments to the Elected Presidency (EP). Mr Kassim wote in his note that he cannot think of any other issues in the past thirty years that have caused such a wide and deep …

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One hundred days

By Teo Soh Lung It is exactly 100 days since I went to the Cantonment Police Headquarters to be interviewed on four offences allegedly committed on Cooling Off Day, a day when all political parties are supposedly forbidden to advertise themselves. I gave a full statement admitting that I posted the four articles and confirmed that I was the only …

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Singapore is a green dot

By Toh Teck Sun It was many many years ago, that former Indonesian President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie belittled Singapore as just a little red dot. Over the years, we turned the insult on itself and came up with a slogan of sorts: Our Little Red Dot, Our Home. On National Days, we attached a little red ball at the end of …

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Campaigners express disappointment over the passage of the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill

The statement issued by “Don’t Kena Contempt”, campaigners for the passage of the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill to be delayed and for further discussion to be made in consultation with the public. We are deeply disappointed that the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill was passed 72-9 in Parliament on Monday night (15 August 2016). We had collected 249 signatures …

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Family of ISA detainee issues statement to rebut allegations by MHA

Below is the statement from the family of Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff, the 44 year old Singaporean who has been recently detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) We refer to the various reports over the past several days in the Singapore and other media, based on content and statements originating from the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs, Government Ministers, spokespersons …

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Naming and shaming hurts “them” more than financial penalties

Below is a letter submitted to TOC for publication, it was originally said to have been sent to ST Forum Editor Liaw Wy-Cin, which was rejected or censored as the letter writer puts it. By David L K See “The PAP Govt may fool SOME People SOME of the time, but definitely NOT ALL The People ALL The Time” I …

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