Take responsibility in your votes, don’t be just keyboard warriors

Interesting to see posts comparing Singaporeans and Malaysians especially in relation to the recent Malaysia General Election. One thing I need to address is we have too many keyboard warriors. Why? Times like now when victory is secured because they can unite and make their voices heard... while us? I said us. We would only complain to humans around us …

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Rocket Man and Dotard pick Singapore for summit

By Augustine Low US President Donald Trump repeatedly called North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un Rocket Man. Kim returned the favour by calling Trump a Dotard (senile old man). Now Rocket Man and Dotard are set for a historic summit in Singapore on 12 June. What is the appeal of Singapore as a venue for them? Donald Trump aka Dotard has …

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Remove government immunity for negligent SAF members

by David It is indeed sad to learn that yet another NSF from the Army had died while doing National Service. Rightly, Mindef and the SAF had jointly announced that an independent Committee of Inquiry (COI), consisting of members outside both organizations, be convened to investigate the unfortunate demise of Corporal Dave Lee, to find out the contributing factors and …

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Keep the memory of Inuka through stuffed toys and T-Shirts

by Raymond Anthony Fernando Public Suggestion to Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) and the Singapore Government Like many Singaporeans I was deeply saddened to read of how Inuka had to be put down to end its suffering as reported in Zoo workers, guests pay their last respects to Inuka (The New Paper, April 27). Arthritis is extremely painful disease, not just …

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Will the next PAP leader be elected by its party?

by Lakshmanan s/o Palaniappan With respect to the next People's Action Party leader, will the party hold a party election? The PAP should be amenable to amending its prevailing constitution should this be required. I believe this is a matter not only of interest but importance to the laypeople of Singapore. When the incumbent PAP Secretary General, Prime Minister Lee Hsien …

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Of Thugs in Suits – political entertainment for the oppressed

by Tan Wah Piow For want of a better description, a Singaporean compared the behavior of K Shanmugam at the Parliamentary select committee hearing to “a thug in a suit". This remark was made by Xavier Chong in his letter to ministers urging them to consider the position of their colleague, Mr K Shanmugam, the Minister of Law and Home …

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