ST Forumer: Shouldn’t you be proud of what Singapore has achieved?

A member of the public, Calvin Sim Pheng Hoe, wrote to ST Forum today lamenting that the Singapore spirit has gone missing these days in Singapore (‘Singapore spirit has gone missing‘, 19 Apr). “I have been observing that over the past few years, Singaporeans’ pride in the Republic has been diminishing,” he said. He blamed this on the “rise of …

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Netizens disagree with PM Lee’s opinion that proposed anti-fake news bill ‘works for Singapore’

On Tuesday (April 9), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the newly proposed bill to counter online falsehoods “works for Singapore” despite receiving criticism from various parties. “I’m not surprised that Reporters Without Borders criticised it; they criticise many things about Singapore’s media management. But what we have done has worked for Singapore and it’s our objective to continue …

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Public skeptical about REACH survey that says two-third of its respondents support decision to dissallow WATAIN performance

According to the government’s feedback unit REACH, 60% Singaporeans surveyed were aware of the government’s ban on Swedish metal band WATAIN last month and of those, two in three or 66.66% agreed with the decision. According to a poll conducted by REACH via computer-assisted random telephone interviews, of the 680 people surveyed – including those of different ages and religions …

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Li Shengwu wonders the amount of public funds spent on the cases against him and his mother, after Court of Appeal says ok for papers to be served to him in United States

In a 66-page judgement released on Monday (1 April), the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal by Mr Li Shengwu to contest the court order which enabled the Attorney General Chambers (AGC) to serve papers on him in the United States for the alleged offence of contempt of court. The judges ruled that the service out of the jurisdiction was …

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