Khaw Boon Wan says cheap fares are popular but not sustainable. Gets whacked by netizens

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said in Parliament on Wednesday (7 March) that the fare formula for public transport is being reviewed to better track total costs, as the Ministry of Transportation (MOT)’s budget rises for upcoming infrastructure upgrades. He said that while Singapore’s transport fares are currently “affordable”, the Government also needs to ensure the sustainability of the transport network. “We …

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Enforcement of service hours restriction on massage parlours is slothful work by authorities

From March 1, massage parlours with CaseTrust accreditation or which conduct their services in plain view will have their operating hours restricted from 7am to 10.30pm.  Those without the CaseTrust accreditation have to abide by even shorter hours: from 10am to 10.30pm. This is in accordance to the Massage Establishments Licensing Framework 2018 introduced via the Massage Establishments Bill passed through Parliament in 2017. Some owners of the massage parlours …

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Online commenters rally against Shanmugam’s behaviour against Sylvia Lim

Law Minister K Shanmugam lashed out against Workers’ Party Chairman Sylvia Lim after she made comments about the GST hike in the Parliament on Thursday (1 March). Ms Lim stated that the Government had floated a “trial balloon” about the need to raise revenue in the run-up to the Budget, then possibly “backed down” due to the negative public reaction, saying, “”I rather suspect myself …

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Devotee beseech SPF for resolution on music at Thaipusam, warns festival will be eradicated from how things are progressing

by Prakash Ramdas, (This post first appeared as a response to Singapore Police Force’s clarification on the incident that transpired on Thaipusam 2018) According to this post, my SPF believes a good night’s sleep for 1 resident is more important than the religious practices of an official founding community of Singapore. Music is an intrinsic part of how Hindu Tamils worship. …

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Citizens ask PTC, “What happened to the rhetorics of taking care of our pioneer generations during the GE 2015?”

It has been earlier announced that the Public Transport Council’s (PTC) has scrapped the $40 monthly unlimited travel pass for seniors above the age of 60. When the two-year Off-Peak Monthly Travel (OMTP) pass trial was announced by the Ministry of Transport through a media release in January 2015, the Government said that it was meant to encourage public transport …

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