Op-ed article on BERITAmediacorp by former architect garners mixed reactions from netizens; tone of article supports Govt alleged “problematic minority” portrayal of Malays?

An opinion-editorial article published on Friday (11 Jan) on Singapore's mainstream multimedia Malay-language news platform BERITAmediacorp, which allegedly shames the Malay community in Singapore for their purported lack of concern regarding their own health, has received mixed reactions from Malay Singaporean netizens. The article, submitted by Osman Sidek, begins with the following premise: "Apakah masalah berat badan dalam kalangan orang …

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Malaysia, Singapore reach agreement over disputed Pasir Gudang as Malaysia tightens loose screws within administration that disparaged national sovereignty and interests

The highly-anticipated 8 January meeting between Malaysia and Singapore regarding Pasir Gudang’s airspace finally arrived at a mutual bilateral agreement to hold off both side’s requests for at least about a month. Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan said in a joint statement alongside Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah on Tuesday in Singapore: “The first agreement we arrived at was to …

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Are ‘authoritarian’ governments ‘backing’ each other up?

American citizen William Nguyen of Vietnamese descent, is 33 years old this year. In the middle of last year, Nguyen hogged media headlines when he was beaten, dragged and arrested by plainclothes Vietnamese policemen in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam on 10 June. (Video of Nguyen being manhandled by Vietnamese authorities) Born and raised in Houston, Nguyen had travelled …

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Gay Adoption and Judicial Decision Making, Singapore Style

by Remy Choo Zheng Xi, Peter Low & Choo LLC UKM vs Attorney-General, the recent “gay adoption” case, is a study in difficult judicial decision making, Singapore style. In summary, a three Judge bench of the Singapore High Court allowed a Singaporean gay father’s appeal to adopt his biological son conceived of a surrogate mother. The judgment was written by …

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