Five skills to hone as Singapore builds a smart nation

by The digital revolution is here, and it is here to stay. The digital revolution has already started disrupting jobs and impacting wages. Instead of trying to resist it, Singapore wants to embrace the change and lead the pack in Asia. As such, Singapore is embarking on a transformation of its traditional economy into one that focuses on technology …

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Dare to be different

by M Ravi Almost every day we are barraged with the promise that globalisation brings communities together, reduces geographical distances and connects disparate people through what appears to be a shared lifestyle, held together by common values. We are led to believe the colourful diversity and sanctity of life is promoted and safeguarded. Yet sadly, we witness the inescapable dissonance …

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Servant Leadership? The answer to the world’s leadership issues?

by Lt Commander (Ret) John Moi, RMN Servant Leadership is simply applying leadership principles by serving others before self. It is a philosophy and practice of leadership that achieves results for their organizations by giving priority attention to the needs of their counterparts and those they serve. In another simple interpretation, servant-leaders are said to be serving stewards of their organization’s …

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