Facebook shuts down anti-vaccine influencer campaign

Facebook on Tuesday said it shut down a disinformation operation which sought to spread COVID-19 vaccine hoaxes by duping social media influencers into backing false claims. The leading social network labeled the operation a “disinformation laundromat” which sought to legitimize false claims by pushing them through people with clean reputations. Influencers who caught onto the … Read more

US employment surges 916,000 in March, jobless rate falls to 6.0%

The US economy regained a massive 916,000 jobs in March, the biggest increase since August, with nearly a third of the increase in the hard-hit leisure and hospitality sector, the Labor Department reported Friday. The rise in hiring pushed the unemployment rate down to 6.0 per cent from 6.2 per cent in February. However, even … Read more

China and UK clash over fate of Hong Kongers under new security law

by Jerome Taylor China promised Thursday to take countermeasures against Britain if it presses ahead with plans to extend citizenship rights to Hong Kongers after Beijing imposed a sweeping security law on the restless financial hub. Beijing has faced a groundswell of criticism from primarily Western nations over its decision to impose a new law … Read more

IMDA probing into StarHub Internet service disruption during COVID-19 circuit breaker period

On Wednesday (15 April), an investigation into StarHub’s two Internet service disruptions has been commenced by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). The service disruptions were reported to have lasted for hours. There were issues with their internet service, according to reports by StarHub users on Wednesday, with many of them at home working, partly to … Read more

Ministry of Home Affairs announces suspension of Basic Training Activities, trainees required to stay home

Yesterday (6 April), the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) released a press statement announcing that Basic Training Activities at the Home Team Academy and the National Service Training Institute will be suspended. In the statement, the Ministry mentioned that it will suspend the Police Officers Basic Course (POBC) and the Basic Rescue Training (BRT) for … Read more

Can gloves protect you? Nurse demonstrates how cross-contamination works even with gloves on

With the global COVID-19 pandemic going on in various countries, panic and worry were already brewing among people especially when it comes to ways to protect themselves. Other than surgical masks that are generally running low in supplies in many places, gloves are also used by the public as an extra precautionary measure to prevent … Read more

Singapore, US: Cross-border data mobility by financial services firms to be welcomed

On Thursday (6 Feb), a joint statement was made between The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the US Treasury to support and promote cross-border data transfer by financial services companies as long as the data is available for use for supervisory and regulatory purposes. This means that data localisation is not needed. The act … Read more