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Amnesty International Report 2008 – Singapore

Critics pointed to a persistent misuse of laws by the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) and a perceived bias within the judicial system...
Criminal charges, civil defamation suits and other restrictive measures were variously brought against government critics and human right defenders, foreign news media, peaceful demonstrators and conscientious objectors.

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The Chees vs The Lees

How did the local media, particularly the press, cover the defamation lawsuit brought against the Chees by the Lees? Was the coverage fair? Balanced? Have a look at this video.

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Call for sedition charge against US blogger to be dropped

“We urge the authorities to drop charges against Gopalan Nair, who has only exercised his right of free expression. This charge is improper and will add to the intimidation of bloggers and Internet users who express themselves about Singapore’s political life." - Reporters Without Borders

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