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SDP says they have parental consent for child in their video, questions if PAP does the same for photos it posts on their FB page

Three weeks ago, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) released a video to promote the launch of their revamped website. The video, posted on the party’s Facebook page, features a young girl talking about the website. It seems that there are some people who disagree with the party releasing a video with children in it. Specifically, a letter was published in …

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LTA: E-scooters to undergo compulsory check every 2 years from April 2020

Starting April 2020, all e-scooters are required to go through a mandatory inspection every two years in order to make sure they follow the right criteria for use on public paths, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Monday (7 October). This announcement comes after Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min said in August that all e-scooters …

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Worker’s Party MPs raise questions on separation of religion and politics as religious harmony act is updated

The Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act (MHRA) was updated in Parliament on Monday (7 October) after an extensive debate on the Bill of proposed amendments which was introduced in September. During the debate, three Worker’s Party (WP) politicians raised several questions relating to religion and politics, specifically if politicians should be seen with a religious leader and whether religious bodies …

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