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Prof Tommy Koh: Govt resistance towards implementing minimum wage rooted in “fake” ideological arguments

Highlighting that schemes such as the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) and the Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) are not the equivalent of a minimum wage, Ambassador-at-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and professor of law at the National University of Singapore Professor Tommy Koh argued that the Singapore government's apparent resistance towards implementing a minimum wage in the Republic is rooted …

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COI conclusions have completely missed addressing the culture of fear

The high profile committee of inquiry (COI) for the biggest hack to ever hit Singapore in the form of the widely publicised SingHealth data breach is finally wrapped up with a summary of recommendations put forth. While the COI results provide some form of closure to this unfortunate incident, I fear that if we do not target what to me, …

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What happens when academic achievement is valued more than anything else?

A 16-year old student decides to spend her holidays working to earn a little extra pocket money by working as a salesperson. She comes from a good school and post of her encounters with parents that she knew from those kinds of schools were pleasant people, so she refuted the stereotypes that parents from more elite schools were arrogant. But …

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Most fake accounts on Facebook set up “not with political intent,” but “with commercial intent”: Facebook’s EMEA vice president for public policy

Noting that most fake accounts are created "not with political intent," but "with commercial intent," which entail creating fake accounts to sell such accounts and even followers of such accounts, Facebook's vice president for public policy for Europe, Middle East and Africa Richard Allan explained that "there will be a three-month period" where "hundreds of millions of such accounts" are …

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Reporters Without Borders issues statement to condemn actions of Singapore police on TOC

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has issued a statement to condemn the actions of Singapore’s police in seizing electronic devices from this news website, The Online Citizen (TOC), and interrogating its editor and a blogger who posted a comment on the site. The international non-government organisation, which advocates freedom of expression and freedom of the press, wrote that these actions which …

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MPs to pay $250 a year for permit to park at Parliament House

All Members of Parliament (MPs), including Non-Constituency and Nominated MPs will have to pay $250 a year for a permit to park at Parliament House for official business. This was announced by the Parliament on Friday to media on Friday (Nov 30). According to media reports, elected MPs can use the permit to park in any Housing Board (HDB) carpark, …

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