Pink Dot calls on MSFD to rethink their move to strengthen adopt laws and policies against same-sex couples

Following the High Court ruling to allow a gay Singaporean man to adopt his 5-year old biological son, Minister Desmond Lee said in Parliament on Monday (14 Jan) that the Ministry for Social and Family Development will be reviewing and strengthening existing adoption laws and policies. He also reiterated Singapore’s public policy which is against the formation of same-sex family …

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Section 377A doesn’t make sense, politically, logically and morally

by Shiro I think most people have beat this point into the ground by this point - but the idea of Section 377A doesn't make any sense. Politically, 377A is only avidly advocated for by religious groups. There is no major active non-religious group against its repeal, which technically means that 377A isn't defending any major opinion - it's defending …

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Current Attorney-General responds to former A-Gs regarding Public Prosecutor’s scope of exercising own discretion in prosecuting cases under Section 377A

In a press release yesterday (2 Oct), the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) have responded to the comments of two former Attorneys-General, highlighting that the former A-Gs' statements might convey an "inaccurate impression" that the Public Prosecutor’s (PP) capacity to apply discretion "has been removed or restricted" in respect of the s.377A of the Penal Code. Professor Walter Woon and Mr V.K. …

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It’s only a matter of time before 377A is repealed, says Ready4Repeal authors

At a private town hall discussion on 30th September, members of the ‘Ready4Repeal’ movement said that Singapore’s anti-gay law will be repealed in due course. The question is when, not if. The petition which was authored by filmmaker Glen Goei and legal trainee Johannes Hadi called for the removal of Section 377A of the penal code which criminalises sex between …

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“Activism does not go against Lasallian values; it is central to it”: St Joseph Institution alumni

In a submission to TOC, an alumnus of St Joseph Institution (SJI) has expressed his disappointment towards the anti-activism stance held by the current heads of his alma mater, and their subsequent silence regarding the matter. The alumnus wrote that "many alumni of the school were in shock, and there have been intense debates on closed Facebook groups" regarding Vice-Principal …

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