Johor crown prince puts Singaporean and Malaysian politicians to shame

A maritime dispute has recently broken out between Singapore and Malaysia. Malaysia has also expressed its intent to take back control of its airspace over southern Johor, with Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke citing concerns over sovereignty and national interest. Amidst the squabble between the 2 neighboring countries, one man has stepped up to show the way forward for both …

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Govt has exciting plans for Tanjong Pagar after port moves to Tuas

The recent maritime dispute between Singapore and Malaysia has put a spotlight on Singapore’s land reclamation at Tuas. Last Thu (6 Dec), Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan dismissed Malaysia’s argument that Singapore cannot claim the disputed waters on the basis of its reclamation works in Tuas in recent years. Reclamation at Tuas has nothing to do with maritime boundary dispute, …

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Even SG expats are complaining about Singapore’s cost of living

A new report by expat community InterNations recently revealed that over half (52%) of expats in Singapore are dissatisfied with Singapore’s cost of living. In June this year, ECA International said that Singapore is among the 20 most expensive cities for expats around the world. British trader Oriano Lizza told Singapore Business Review, “The packages of yesteryear were considerably more …

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PM Lee’s wife comments on maritime dispute while rest of SG and MY politicians’ spouse keep quiet

It was reported that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Ho Ching, shared a TODAYONLINE article on Facebook detailing the strong comments made by Malaysian Politician Dr Rais Hussin towards Singapore on the current maritime dispute. While sharing the article, she commented on it publicly with the caption, “Chill, man”. Dr Rais is a supreme council member of PM Mahathir’s …

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Chan warns Malaysia: Risk of escalation cannot be underestimated

Former Army Chief and 2nd Assistant Secretary-General of PAP Chan Chun Sing warned that the “risk of escalation cannot be underestimated” regarding the recent incursion by Malaysian vessels in Singapore waters. Speaking to reporters at a community event yesterday (8 Dec), Chan urged all parties to revert to the “pre-Oct 25 status quo ante for things to calm down”. This …

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MINDEF announces week long live-firing exercise after Khaw says SG won’t hesitate to take firm actions against Malaysia’s intrusions

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan told the media on Thu (6 Dec) that Singapore will not hesitate to take firm actions against intrusions and unauthorised activities within Singapore territorial waters. He was referring to the recent intrusions by Malaysian government vessels into Singapore waters off Tuas. “This violation of Singapore’s sovereignty is a serious new issue in our bilateral relations …

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