Hawker Centre Public Consultation Panel Chairman: ‘Not-for-profit’ doesn’t mean don’t make profit

Ms Elim Chew who chaired the 18-member Hawker Centre Public Consultation Panel in 2012 was interviewed by the media yesterday (24 Oct). It was the panel who recommended the "not-for-profit" aka "social enterprise" hawker centre model. She defended the panel's decision by saying the "not-for-profit" model was mooted with good intentions. But she acknowledged that it will now have to …

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Old Airport Road Hawker Centre saga: MP Lim rebuts FB user

A Facebook user, Gary Ho, made a post on his Facebook page yesterday (23 Oct). In his post, Gary recalled how he loves the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre and would even take his foreign friends there to taste good Singaporean hawker food. However, when he recently visited the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, a hawker whom he knows since …

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Why would the government lose money in sale of HDB flats?

The Housing Development Board (HDB) reported on Mon (22 Oct) that it had incurred an overall deficit of $1.7 billion in the last FY. In 2013, then National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan explained that HDB actually has to pay the government for land to build HDB flats. He said the price of land is tied to acquisition costs, reclamation …

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HDB: We lose $1.7 billion in last FY to build and upgrade your flats

In its annual report released yesterday (22 Oct), the HDB said it incurred an overall deficit of $1.717 billion in the financial year of 2017/2018, up from $1.189 billion in the previous financial year. The major deficit came from an increase in the deficit for HDB's home ownership programme, from $861 million previously to $1.383 billion in the last financial …

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PM Lee: Don’t flaunt wealth and GST to increase after 2021

At a post-National Day Rally dialogue at Ci Yuan Community Club last Sunday (14 Oct), PM Lee told the grassroots leaders that Singapore must not allow social stratification to harden. "The way you dress, the way you talk, what you eat, and where you go on holiday. You compare notes then you feel, I show you a little bit (that) …

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Growing class divide simmering in “Crazy Rich” Singapore

Last Thursday (18 Oct), the 2018 Global Wealth Report published by Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) ranked Singapore 9th in the world in terms of household wealth per adult, giving it the highest rank in Asia. Average wealth is at a high level in Singapore – USD283,120 per adult in mid-2018, compared to USD114,720 in 2000. The rise was mostly …

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