Singapore Press Holdings

Dr Yuen Chung Kwong Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp are the two major news organizations in Singapore. Mediacorp is a government owned corporation, while SPH is a listed company whose share holdings are widely distributed (a legal requirement forbidding any single shareholding being above a specified limit), but with a special provision for the government to appoint … Read more

PP v. Tey Tsun Hang: AGC denies link to Professor’s politically charged academic publications

By: Atticus The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has denied any link between the politically charged academic publications of NUS Law Faculty’s Associate Professor Tey Tsun Hang and the prosecution against him for corruption for allegedly sleeping with law student Darinne Ko in return for improving her grades. In response to media queries, the AGC said in … Read more

The “record” $2 million fine

Gordon Lee   On 16 July, LTA announced a record $2 million fine for SMRT, or 1.4% of SMRT’s forecast profit.[1] These figures were splashed over the national newspapers, presumably intending to create a “shock and awe” effect, and to produce the impression that the LTA takes a tough stance on service disruptions. Is the … Read more

Another Government Investment Goes Belly Up!

~ By: Kumaran Pillai ~ Ireland’s former state telecom operator eircom applied for court protection to allow it to restructure its 3.75 billion euro (US$5 billion) debt mountain. A move eircoms officials said was “necessary and unavoidable” (here). The proposal allows the lenders to take control from the major shareholder Singapore Technologies Telemedia (STT), a … Read more

How many foreign students paying full fees?

A reader sent us some information about the tuition fees of foreign students in the universities. Foreign students’ fees: TBC? When I opened the reader’s first document, I was struck by the increase in tuition fees for this year at a local university for Singaporean and permanent resident (PR) graduate students, that for foreign students … Read more

Foreign scholars: Missing statistics?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “Foreign scholars closely tracked” (ST, Feb 18). Sometimes, replies in Parliament may give you the edgy feeling that the statistics cited may not be telling you the whole story One such instance I think, was the recent reply on foreign scholars. “At least” means how many … Read more