Kiara Xavier

“Choping is an individually rational act that is collectively irrational and inefficient for users as a whole”

We recently ran a story about a German exchange student from National University of Singapore (NUS) who noted that the ‘chope’ culture in Singapore is selfish, and shared their experience to confessional Facebook page NUSWhispers. The student found Singaporeans “cold and unfriendly”, and the habit of reserving seats using bags and laptops also comes as a culture shock. The confessor …

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Domestic maids should be treated fairly like regular humans

In recent years, cases of abuse or ill-treatment towards domestic servant have been on a rapid rise. As such, a concerned citizen named Neo Poh Goon penned a letter to the Straits Times (ST) highlighting how kids are badly treating their maids because they observed and earned it from their parents. He started his letter by referring to a previous …

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Malaysians are not too disturbed at Singaporean student who questioned Dr. Mahathir at Oxford Union

On 18 January, Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was candidly questioned by a Singaporean student over the fractious diplomatic relations between the two countries. Darrion Mohan, a second-year history and politics undergraduate, uploaded a part of the debate with the elder statesman on his Facebook page.   He started by mentioning that Singapore and Malaysia were “again embroiled in …

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Singaporeans calmly explain ‘chope’ culture to shocked German exchange student and say such culture is found in Germany too

It’s no surprise for Singaporeans to encounter tissue paper placed on tables at hawker centres as it indicates that the tables are “reserved”. However, this culture might not be acceptable for people from other parts of the world. In fact, an exchange student from Germany found it rather selfish, and even shared their experience to confessional Facebook page NUSWhispers. The …

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Chee Soon Juan’s book launch venue changed because Lifelong Learning Institute cancelled his booking at the last minute

Secretary-general of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Chee Soon Juan was all set to launch his book titled “Never On Bended Knees” on 26 January. Unfortunately, the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) had cancelled his booking at its event hall, citing that the event and the book “do not appear” to be “related to training, skills upgrading and lifelong learning for …

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Netizens dismiss news that Singaporeans are cancelling CNY shopping trips to Malaysia as disputes continue

It appears that Singaporean-organised “shopping tours” to Johor, in conjunction with Chinese New Year, are seeing a lot of last-minute cancellations as situation between two countries tense up over a maritime and airspace dispute, reported Sin Chew daily. Community groups in the Lion City often run yearly Chinese New Year shopping trips for Singaporeans to make use of the cheaper …

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