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Narrative of ‘foreign intervention’ is deeply divisive

by Désirée Lim Harkins For chrissakes, let's stop worrying about the threat of 'foreign intervention'. At its mildest, this variant of xenophobia is alarmingly inconsistent. The kneejerk willingness to accuse other Singaporeans of treason exists in the very same space where international cooperation and diplomatic ties are lauded alongside the tireless flow of global capital. The interactions that are labelled 'treacherous' …

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We cannot remain silent.

by Constance Singam “If credibility, trust, and character become critical issues in deciding the political outcome, the destruction of credibility and character assassination become the most potent political weapons.” (Manuel Castells) Here we go again. Character assassination is a very effective method used against dissenters and opposition political parties to discredit them and eliminate them from public life. This is …

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Is there a public housing crisis in Singapore? NDRS 2018 edition

by Vernon Chan After watching prime minister Lee Hsien Loong's 2018 National Day Rally speech, many Singaporean homeowners asked the question: Is it worth it to opt into the new housing improvement (HIP 2) and voluntary early redevelopment scheme (VERS)? Yet his latest housing minister recently announced that the value of public housing will plummet to zero at the end of their 99 …

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Allegations of treason rampant on pro-PAP fanpage

Following the allegations made by Member of Parliament Seah Kian Peng in his Facebook post on 1 Sept, pro-People's Action Party supporters have been calling the named individuals by Mr Seah as traitors and performing character assassination on them. In his post, Mr Seah wrote that historian Thum Ping Tjin and his friends have invited Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to …

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Archbishop’s speech at memorial mass of Fr Arot was most inappropriate, as it is used to assure govt its obedience to the state

by Teo Soh Lung “Noting that the trauma resulting from the so-called “Marxist conspiracy” will “resurface from time to time”, he (Archbishop William Goh) stressed that there is “no other way forward” for the Church except “the way of forgiveness”. [Catholic News, 4 October 2015]. The Archbishop was speaking at the memorial mass for MEP priest, Fr Guillaume Arotcarena who …

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Proportional representation for reform of the political system in Malaysia

by Tan Wah-Piow Can one effect change without ideas? Where do ideas come from? And where does one seek truth? Over fine wine offered by my generous hosts, we spent several hours mining the thoughts of Dr Wong Chin Huat. This is how I seek truth, and develop ideas. This time it’s about Electoral Reform and Proportional Representation (PR). What has …

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