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Two forklift truck operators charged for corruptly obtaining gratifications of $1

Two forklift truck operators employed by Cogent Container Depot Pte Ltd (“Cogent”) were each charged on Tuesday after embarking on a course of conduct to obtain small value bribes from truck drivers at Cogent. Chen Ziliang, a 47-year-old male, was charged with one count of corruptly attempting to obtain from one Jiang Xingnian, a gratification of $1, as an inducement …

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MOT says no objection to Malaysia releasing letters on ILS but asks for all correspondence to be released for transparency

In response to criticism by its Malaysian counterpart for its allegedly "selective" disclosure of information regarding the Instrument Landing System (ILS) operated to and from Seletar Airport, Singapore's Ministry of Transport (MOT), explained that it had released correspondence between Singapore and Malaysia authorities on 4 December 2018 to address media queries as to whether Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) …

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Four realistic resolutions for a healthier, wealthier you in 2019

by ValueChampion Making resolutions are often a time of reflection and hopeful aspiration, but they are notoriously difficult to keep. Below, we've come up with 4 realistic and fairly easy resolutions that can keep your body, mind and finances healthy. With 2019 around the corner, it's time to reflect on what you accomplished this past year and start thinking about your …

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“All Singaporeans should stand united against a real national threat, but this is a politized dispute that is being blown out of all proportion”

by Brad Bowyer Never before in 34 years have I seen a 1-week Island wide live firing exercise involving all our services. There is nothing “routine” about it and certainly has nothing to do with any “National Day Parade” rehearsal as claimed given its scope and timing. This is extremely dangerous posturing and leaves plenty of time and room for …

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Dr Mahathir’s new dilemma

by Tan Wah Piow The impending 8 Dec anti-ICERD rally in Malaysia reminds one of the 1936 Battle of Cable Street in London. ICERD - a previous unheard acronym to most, stands for International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, a UN treaty. Objection to ICERD was raised by the opposition in Malaysia following Dr Mahathir high …

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A Charity, but why has Singapore Environment Council not posted its financial returns on its website for public scrutiny?

As a registered charity with an Institution of Public Character (IPC), the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) should be displaying their annual financial returns and statements on their website for public scrutiny. However, a check on their website has shown that the last statement which was uploaded was put up for the financial year ending 2016. The annual statement of accounts …

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