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How Budget 2019 Affects SMEs in Singapore

In one of the most anticipated announcement in parliament this month, Finance minister Heng Swee Keat delivered the Budget 2019 on 18 February. Most Singaporeans have digested the various policy announcements by now. In this article, we’ll touch on the Budget’s impact to local SMEs. Of note is the launch of Scale-up SG by Enterprise Singapore. This program will include …

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Government Supported Financing Schemes for SMEs

Running a SME in Singapore is challenging. High rental costs, tight manpower market and no easy access to bank financing are some of the pertinent challenges most SME owners face when trying to scale their operations. Heading into the last quarter of 2018, the economic outlook for 2019 is still murky with the prospects of the US-China trade war looming …

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What extent is the liability of a personal guarantee for business loan

There are countless reasons why SME owners would apply for a business loan. It may be because you want to take advantage of a business opportunity that rarely comes by and you have to grab that chance. You may also need emergency funds to bail you out of a potential cash flow problem. It’s also possible that your business plans …

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Credit bureau report and how credit rating affects business loans

credit bureau rating

Your personal credit rating reflected in your credit bureau report affects your ability to apply for consumer and business loans. These include credit cards, car loan, home loan and SME loan. Unless you belong to the rare group of people who can afford to pay for everything including cars and property purchases with cash, you’ll eventually need to apply for a …

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