Leong Sze Hian

Why is SGX promoting Temasek retail bonds?

I received an email from the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) on Thursday - an invitation to attend a seminar on Temasek's retail bond. The retail bond which is being offered by Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, was launched on Wednesday (17 Oct). This bond comes with a five-year maturity and a fixed interest rate of 2.7 per cent Up to $200 million of …

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Did Temasek just launch its first or second retail bond?

I refer to the news report by Straits Times on Wednesday, “Temasek offering first retail bonds at 2.7% fixed interest”. The article states that “Investment company Temasek has launched its first public bond offer for retail investors.” Someone asked me what is the difference between the subject Temasek’s first public bond for retail investors and Temasek’s first retail private equity …

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Why did MOH provide statistics from 2008 on comparison of foreign patients admitted to public hospitals?

Public institutions should stop giving selective statistics, as it is arguably in a sense like ‘fake news’ or ‘propaganda’ which may only further undermine the already diluted trust of the public in our public institutions  I refer to the article “Percentage of foreigners admitted to public hospitals falls from 2008” by Sunday Times, on the stop of public healthcare institutions (PHIs) …

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Why can’t MSF disclose ComCare’s formula for assistance?

Why can’t the formula to determine the amount of financial assistance for short and medium-term assistance under ComCare be disclosed? I refer to the article, “More families depending on long-term financial aid from Government to get by: MSF” (Straits Times, Oct 5). The article states that the increasing number of seniors who cannot work due to old age or illness and …

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Why can’t National Jobs Bank statistics be disclosed in light of public interest?

The Government should follow the online falsehoods’ committee’s recommendation to give reasons for decisions not to disclose information to the public, in order to gain the public’s trust? I refer to the article “Can’t unemployed or underemployed S’poreans take up jobs done by any of 372,100 foreign PMETs here?‘ (theonlinecitizen, Jun 27). It states that “Last week, ST reader Tan …

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