Government will likely rely on technicalities in enforcing the proposed Fake News Bill

Back in July 2015, TOC published a letter written by a ‘concerned Singaporean’ titled “Severe consequences for a PAP majority with its underground city for 10m population”. The letter addressed concerns over the administration’s plan to build an underground city to accommodate Singapore’s ever growing population. But shortly after publishing the article, TOC received a letter from the Attorney General’s …

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Indranee Rajah: CPIB investigations did not reveal any connection with a government agency or contract where corruption by ST Marine occurred so the company is not debarred from govt contracts

Debarment from participating in government contracts is a separate and distinct exercise from the court proceedings and serve a different purpose, says Second Minister for Finance Indranee Rajah. Responding to questions posed by MP Pritam Singh on the debarment procedure, Ms Indranee said that the Court will deal with the adjudication of liability and implementation of penalties for breaches of …

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Public skeptical about REACH survey that says two-third of its respondents support decision to dissallow WATAIN performance

According to the government’s feedback unit REACH, 60% Singaporeans surveyed were aware of the government’s ban on Swedish metal band WATAIN last month and of those, two in three or 66.66% agreed with the decision. According to a poll conducted by REACH via computer-assisted random telephone interviews, of the 680 people surveyed – including those of different ages and religions …

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While Li Hongyi is praised for Parking.sg app, five TP students were actually the first to introduce such an app as their final year project, eParking

In his 2016 National Day Rally speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the launch of a new mobile app that would change how people would pay for parking in Singapore. The app, called Parking.sg, introduced a novel way for motorists to make cashless payments for their parking sessions via a mobile app on their smartphone, a convenient alternative to …

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Mr Heng’s statement that only young Singaporeans are ready for an ethnic minority PM shows that he’s out of touch with society

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat’s recent statement (28 March) about most Singaporeans might not be ready for an ethnic minority PM has drawn the ire of many citizens including international human rights M Ravi and Peoples Voice Singapore politician Simon Lim. While at public policy and global affairs programme at a forum held in Nanyang Technological University’s (MTU’s) School of …

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Singaporean parents are focused on preparing their children for the future, says new study by HP

On Thursday, Hewlett-Packard (HP) released its inaugural HP New Asian Learning Experience Study, a survey exploring how the personalities of Asian millennial parents impact the ways in which they define learning. The study revealed that Singapore parents are extremely focused on future-proofing their children – by preparing them for opportunities of the future workplace. “The study gives us insights on …

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