Dodgy construction causing flash floods in Singapore – is it worth it?

This year, 128 contractors have been prosecuted and fined by Public Ultilities Board (PUB) for 203 offences involving unauthorised alterations and interference to the public drainage system or flouting Earth Control Measures (ECM) regulations. In a statement, PUB said that some common offences include inadequate treatment capacity and lack of cut-off drainage to separate silty water from clean water. This …

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Actress & artist Lucy Liu to feature in Singapore Contemporary Art Exhibition in 2019

The Ryan Foundation in collaboration with the National Museum of Singapore is kicking off 2019 with Singapore’s first major art exhibition featuring works by award-winning Hollywood actress Lucy Liu and Jurors’ Choice Award recipient Shubigi Rao of Singapore. The private, non-profit organisations founded by lawyer and art collector Ryan Su is opening the exhibition – called Unhomed Belongings – to …

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