“1987 – Singapore’s Marxist Conspiracy 30 years” documents accounts of ISA detainees of the public’s silence over their detention

Book review of “1987 – Singapore’s Marxist Conspiracy 30 years ” by Margaret John, Amnesty International, Canada 1987 – Singapore’s Marxist Conspiracy 30 years on is a riveting attempt to set out once and for all the historical truth and injustice of the arrests under the Internal Security Act (ISA) of 22 caring young professionals involved … Read more

"1987 Singapore's Marxist Conspiracy, 30 Years On" to be launched on 21 May

Below is an extract from former detainee under the Internal Security Act (ISA), Chew Kheng Chuan’s essay in Function 8’s new publication, “1987 Singapore’s Marxist Conspiracy, 30 Years On”. “You know what they say ISD now stands for?” DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) SK Tan of the ISD remarked to me on April 19, 1988, not … Read more

Notable Singaporeans who doubt the truth of the “Marxist conspiracy”

Bertha Henson is latest to join the list of notable Singaporeans who have cast doubts on the 1987 arrests of 22 social workers whom the Government described as “Marxist conspirators”. Ms Henson was a former associate editor with the Straits Times, and was involved in the coverage of the arrests in May 1987, at a … Read more

'Marxist Conspiracy' and the Hougang by-election

One Facebooker aghast at the lack of these checks in the 1987 Parliamentary debate on the arbitrary detentions of the alleged Marxist Conspirators comments, “THIS IS WHAT GOES ON IN A PAP CONTROLLED PARLIAMENT DONT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN…vote in WP at Hougaing…. and the others in 2016.”

Tan Wah Piow: Allegation of him setting up of Marxist state in Singapore, an invention of Lee Kuan Yew

On 18th August, Malaysian community organisation Engage organised a forum in Johor entitled ‘Can Singapore do a Malaysia?’ The forum centered around the historical shake-up in Malaysia’s recent 14th General Election which saw the 61-year ruling government ousted from office by the fresh new coalition of opposition parties called Pakatan Harapan. This peaceful change of … Read more

Dialectical Postmortem Blues: “Marxist or Catholic?”

“You are a Marxist.” “No, I am a Catholic” *PIAK* Now, imagine that exchange repeating itself no less than 50 times. In addition to being repeatedly slapped across the face by an ISD Officer who was trained in martial arts, the detainee would also be doused with ice-cold water in a room where the air-condition … Read more

Tan Wah Piow's video commentary on Jason Soo’s 1987 Untracing the Conspiracy

By Tan Wah Piow In April this year, I watched Jason Soo’s documentary 1987 Untracing the Conspiracy for the first time. Jason Soo’s intention was to provide a narrative from the detainees’ perspective to counter the Government’s justification for detention without trial of 22 detainees. As someone named as the “mastermind” of the Marxist Conspiracy, … Read more